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A 15-20 minute phone meeting to help determine if further assessment and evaluation are warranted.  


Price Varies

1-2 hours as needed to complete a comprehensive assessment of the
area(s) of concern. 


Price Per Session Length

50 or 30 minutes to take place at an agreed upon location, including home or school.  Teletherapy is now available. 


Areas of Evaluation and Treatment:

Speech disorders and delays
Language disorders and delays
Articulation and phonology
Fluency and stuttering
Pragmatics and play skills
Reading intervention
Cognitive functioning
Voice therapy
PROMPT therapy 
And more...


Areas of Evaluation and Treatment:

Acquired speech and language disorders
Dysarthria and speech intelligibility
Receptive and expressive aphasia
Lee Silverman Voice Treatment
Neuromuscular electrical stimulation
Oropharyngeal dysphagia
Apraxia of speech
Cognitive functioning
PROMPT therapy
And more...