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Kind words...

Jamie was my 4-year old’s Speech Therapist and she was just fantastic. She used a variety of fun games and activities to implement speech exercises to help him meet his goals. My son was always so excited for his sessions, he just loved her energy and positive approach. Jamie helped build the confidence he needed to be more verbal, work on his pronunciation and be more descriptive when communicating. My son was able to meet all his speech goals before he turned 5 and entered kindergarten. The services really helped him to blossom in all areas, he is a very bright boy, but he needed the extra push to be where he is today. He went from a little boy that didn’t speak much, to speaking more but with very poor articulation and then to one of top performers in Kindergarten and he continues to thrive. I know that Jamie’s services played a huge part in that. We are so thankful. We are so happy and appreciative that we had the opportunity to work with Jamie, she is an amazing therapist. I recommend her services to all ages without reservation.

- Jacqueline

We had the pleasure of working with Jamie in 2019 when my then 2 year old son was diagnosed with a speech delay. The Speech Therapy sessions were initially done from our home and from the moment Jamie walked in, my son took to her. Jamie is such a warm, calm and friendly person and it was an absolute pleasure to see her every week. She always came prepared with so many new games and toys to help keep my son engaged. Aside from being incredibly knowledgeable in her field we were always taken by the thought and preparation she put into each session. It was truly remarkable. My son just loved working with Jamie and always looked forward to her visits. Jamie also really took the time to let me know what she was working on and gave wonderful tips and suggestions to keep the work going at home. My son was barely speaking and within no time he was making such amazing progress. Was such a pleasure to watch him grow and learn how to express himself under the guidance of Jamie. We are truly thankful to her and the wonderful work she did with our son.

- Vanessa

For any parent, learning that your child has a developmental delay can not only be concerning, but it can also be puzzling as you try to figure out ways of addressing your child's needs. Finding the right providers makes all the difference, because it can help restore your hope and confidence in being able to provide your child with the support needed to overcome any learning challenges. COVID-19 brought to us the challenge of now having to get our energetic 3 y/o child to sit in front of a computer for an hour in order to continue receiving Speech Therapy. However, this pandemic also brought the blessing and opportunity to work with Jamie. She is caring, creative, supportive and encouraging. Through her interactions with my son, I was able to observe how passionate she is about her work. Her dedication and the progress my son made in just a few weeks of working with her encouraged me to advocate for my child to receive more sessions with her. Jamie supported us throughout this process and provided my son with the best experience possible through teletherapy. If she is able to engage a 3 y/o for 60 minutes through a computer, I can only imagine all the wonderful things she can do with a child in person. Jamie not only developed an individualized plan to address my son's challenges but also educated me on strategies to help him at home. This allowed me to feel more confident about being able to help my child make progress. Thanks Jamie, we will always be grateful for working with you!

- Johanna

When this happened to me, my head was not on straight.  I was confused.  After starting Speech Therapy with Jamie, my brain started working again.  I now think and reason like normal.  Thank you for making me better.

- Paul